Guiding Philosophy


  • Talented, tenacious and passionate entrepreneurs with a healthy disregard for the impossible.
  • Unique solutions solving hard problems in sizable markets, with potential to grow and dominate product categories.
  • Differentiated, defensible and globally relevant business propositions with clear monetization value and plan.
  • Relentless focus on design, user experience and customer-driven metrics.
  • Capital efficient business models with cost-effective and scalable customer acquisition channels.


Traditional sectors are in the throes of fundamental transformation in response to digital disruption. Resilient founders leveraging on design, technology and unique insights to modernize and radically improve crucial workflows of and pervasive inefficiencies in major enterprise industries such as energy, manufacturing, logistics and healthcare particularly excite us. With deep domain knowledge, they will build sector specific tools that bring business stakeholders onto the same platform and on mobile, building defensibility around proprietary data and/or content assets. Our long term view of the world is that everything will be connected, instrumented and intelligent. Internet of Things and mobility will inevitably change the way field assets connect and communicate with enterprises via edge devices, sensors, advanced analytics and intelligent decision-making to drive economic impact.